Astons of Sussex takes great pride in offering a high quality, professional service, one which includes a strong commitment to personal customer care, attention to detail and real value for money.

Not only do our Landlords benefit from our exceptional service levels and experience, but so do our tenants.

We believe that our tenants, like the landlords for whom we act, deserve a high level of service and support.

We cover a wide area encompassing Bosham to Worthing and from the Downs to the Coast.

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Our Charges to Tenants

Click here to download a pdf of our charges to tenants

Tenants Responsibilities for Maintaining a Property

The Tenant Must:

  • Take proper care of the premises
  • Obtain Contents Insurance and provide us with copy of valid policy
  • Turn off the water and empty the tank if going away for the winter
  • Clean the chimneys once a year
  • Clean the windows regularly
  • All fuses to be changed if blown and light bulbs replaced
  • Unblock the sink/drain if it is blocked by personal use. At regular intervals to apply a drain cleaner to keep sink/bath and drain clean.
  • To carry out any small jobs within the property that need attention but obtain permission from the letting agency before work is carried out.
  • Cut grass and maintain garden on a regular basis to keep neat and tidy

The Tenant must not:

  • Damage the property wilfully or negligently
  • Allow his/her family and guests to damage the property (if they do the Tenant must repair or make good any damage sustained to the property or make arrangements for the work to be carried out and rectified by a reputable company).
  • The Tenant must not carry out any internal or external decorating without the landlord's prior written permission.

What to do at the end of your tenancy to help ensure the return of your deposit

Please ensure that you leave the premises clean and tidy, and ready for the next occupant to move in. If the property was professionally cleaned prior to you moving in, it will need to be professionally cleaned prior to you moving out. ALL keys should be returned to our office, no later than 12.30pm on the day of vacating.

It is important that you leave the property in a clean & tidy condition. General wear & tear is acceptable but any damaged broken, missing items or anything that is not clean will result in a deduction from your deposit. If you are unsure then please contact us. It is important that the property is handed back to us in a condition that is suitable for new tenant(s) to move in to immediately.

A deduction from your deposit will be used to cover costs if we need to carry out any of the following tasks:-

Cleaning of

  • Kitchen - including walls, tiles and the insides of all drawers & Cupboards
  • Oven, hob & hood
  • Defrosting the fridge/ freezer (please ensure water from fridge/ freezer does not run onto floor & damage units or floor coverings and leave fridge/ freezer door ajar).
  • Bathroom - including walls & tiles
  • Shower curtains & Screens (removal of lime scale deposits if necessary)
  • Flooring - including carpets
  • Curtains - including net curtains
  • Lampshades/ light fittings
  • Replacing any light bulbs
  • Walls
  • Woodwork
  • Windows (inside & out)
  • Mirrors
  • Drain covers
  • Floor mats
  • Replacing batteries (in smoke alarms, clocks & door bells)
  • Cleaning / replacing filters (in extractors, washing machines cooker hoods, etc.)
  • And anything else that has been provided to you & that you will hand back to the landlord

You must also ensure that:

  • All instruction books are left at the property.
  • All the keys are returned.
  • You have contacted the utilities: Electric, Council Tax, and Water & Sewerage.
  • You have made a note of the electric meter & where fitted, the water meter readings.
  • You dispose of all rubbish before you leave.
  • You have removed all of your personal belongings.

Note: Royal Mail can redirect your mail for a charge, for up to one year

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