Why appoint us to take care of your property?


Astons of Sussex has a wealth of experience in the market and having a prime location in the village our window displays will showcase your property, we also use the latest web portals and of course our eye catching "To Let" boards.


It is not in our interest or yours to let your property to an applicant who does not meet our strict referencing criteria. We will run a credit check, I.D. check, obtain confirmation of employment and request a former landlord reference where applicable.

Some helpful tips for successful letting

When your tenants vacate we will expect them to leave the property in the same clean and tidy order in which they first found it, whilst obviously allowing for the usual fair wear and tear.

To ensure your property attracts good tenants and that expensive voids are kept to a minimum, it is essential that it is cleaned to a professional standard; this of course includes carpets and curtains. All maintenance matters should be attended to and any outside area or garden should be tidy and well presented. If, during the winter, your property is vacant the heating should be kept on a low setting.

If your property includes a garden we strongly recommend that you provide any necessary garden tools including a lawn mower and garden hose.

Tell us what we need to know to maintain your property to your high standards.



As a landlord you are bound by a moral duty of care and statutory obligations to provide a safe environment for your tenants and any visitors to the premises. Safety regulations have been revised and made more stringent over recent years, and penalties for non-compliance can be very severe, however we are always on hand to advise on current/new legislation.


As of 6th April 2007 the law requires when a deposit is received or a contract renewed, the landlord /agent must protect it in one of the insurance or custodial based schemes.

As from October 2008 all rental properties in England and Wales are required to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) prepared by an accredited Energy Assessor. The certificate is valid for 10 years.


This law stipulates that all furniture and furnishings "supplied in the course of business", which includes lettings, must satisfy strict standards of fire resistance - they must pass the "match test". Generally products purchased in the UK after 1989 will usually satisfy the standard, but in the absence of a label or manufacturer's warranty, the possible non-compliant item must be removed prior to letting. The regulations do not cover furniture made before 1950, or carpets and curtains.


These regulations cover all mains voltage household electrical goods including cookers, kettles, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, immersion heaters etc. and impose an obligation on the landlord to ensure that the goods are safe so there is no risk of injury or death to humans or pets or risk of damage to the property. Unless you are aware of any particular fault with an appliance, it is difficult to ensure that it is safe. You should remove any item with damaged or frayed wiring, badly fitted plugs etc. and ensure instruction booklets necessary for the safe operation of any appliances for the property or, if you do, should have been checked by a qualified engineer. Any non-working appliance should be removed from the property prior to the commencement of the tenancy.


From the 1st October 2015 Landlords must ensure that a smoke alarm if fitted on each floor of a rental property and that it is in working order when the tenancy starts. They must also provide a Carbon Monoxide Detector in any room with a solid fuel burning appliance, for example a wood burning fire.


Your rental income will be assessable for income tax. You should speak to your tax advisor/accountant to see if there are any actions you need to take to minimize any tax burden. If your place of residence is going to be outside the UK we will need you to complete a taxation form in order for us not to deduct tax from you. Without authorization we are legally obliged to deduct tax at the basic rate from any overseas landlord.

Certain items may be offset against the rental income so you should keep copies of your monthly statements and invoices. Such items include

  • Agent's fees
  • Insurance premiums
  • Service charges and ground rent
  • Service or maintenance contracts
  • Repairs and necessary maintenance works
  • Legal and accounting fees
  • VAT on all applicable charges


Fully Managed Service

Our service is designed with landlord's in mind, who would like the agent to deal with the day to day issues that may arise when letting a property. Affording complete peace of mind, this is our most popular service. It is ideal for the busy landlord who would like the expert knowledge of a professional agency to deal with the complexities of property management or the owner who lives away from the local area. Once we have found suitable tenants for your property, Astons of Sussex will act on your behalf and become their point of contact for the duration of the tenancy. We will take care of your property and deal with all queries and maintenance matters. In addition to receipting the rent and serving all legal Notices, we will carry out interim property inspections, complete a detailed check out and the end of the tenancy, reconcile the deposit on your behalf and if necessary pay any interim bills.

Tenant Introduction Service

This service suits the experienced landlord, one who is familiar with tenancy law and property manager. We will photograph and advertise your property, carry out all viewings, complete reference checks on prospective tenants and draw up the tenancy agreement. You will need to prepare the inventory and schedule of condition, note the meter reading, etc prior to the tenancy so that we may give a copy to your tenants. Once your tenants move in, you will remain their point of contact. You will need to register their deposit with a government approved scheme and provide them with confirmation that this has been done. You will need to collect the rent, serve all legal notices, complete the check-out procedure, reconcile and refund the deposit.

Our enviable reputation throughout West Sussex has been built on a firm commitment to delivering our promise of an excellent service at competitive rates and ensuring that our clients enjoy total peace of mind!

The information contained on this site is provided for general information purposes only and do not constitute legal advice and shall not be relied upon as such. While Astons of Sussex Ltd has taken every reasonable precaution to ensure the information on this site is correct, we cannot accept any liability for loss or damages direct or indirect arising from use of this site.